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Spreading the word…

March 9, 2012

Christa and I went to a Health and Happiness Summit with Dr. OZ and his fabulous guests at Radio City Music Hall in NYC! Dr. Wentz, Dave Wentz, Dr. Northrup and more. Dr. Oz talked about the importance of spreading the word. Be well, be happy, exercise, take a deep breath,  eat your fruits and veges!  It is also so important to take  high quality supplements. Here is a short video of Dr. Oz with Dr. Wentz and Dave Wentz. We are very proud to be part of this great company and to be supporting kid’s health.

Spread the Word!

Transform Your Body Nutrition Challenge

March 7, 2012

Transform Your Body Nutrition Challenge

Feel Healthy, Vibrant and Fit!

Springtime is just around the corner and the 28-day program will  set you up to feel detoxed and energized.  You’ll also be ready for sleeveless tops and shorts this Spring!

Would you like to lose weight, lose your sugar cravings, have more energy and become a fitter you?

If so, then the Transform Your Body Nutrition Challenge is for you.  We will tell you exactly what to do and encourage you along the way.
You will enjoy great tasting shakes and bars along with taking the highest quality supplements.
Your skin clears up, your mood and energy improve, you sleep more soundly and weight falls off, especially around your waist.

The Challenge begins Monday,April 16th.  Go to our website to Register by Monday, April 2nd by midnight. If those dates don’t work into your schedule you can do the challenge on your own time. We will coach you all along the way.

From Joyce:
“Thanks for your emails!  I really couldn’t believe that I made it through the week!
Have to say I really noticed the great energy through out the day,and that was the best part for me.
I did lose 4 pounds, and got past the sugar craving….. It had gone on really since Halloween
So that’s all good ”

Be Fit and Healthy!

Mary & Christa

Fit and Energized!

Transform Your Body!

March 6, 2012


Transform Your Body Nutrition Challenge

Feel Healthy, Vibrant and Fit!

coming in April.

(details to come)

Homemade Dark Chocolate Truffles

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is from Elizabeth Rider’s Whole Living Blog. I haven’t made them yet but they look delicious!  Dark chocolate is low in sugar and high in Antioxidants,  so enjoy!

Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffles

Homemade Dark Chocolate Truffles

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 3 hours (including time to set)
Yields 8 truffles


  • 1 organic dark chocolate bar, at least 70% cocoa (3.2-3.5 ounces)
  • 3 1/2 tablespoons organic, virgin coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon raw organic agave nectar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons organic prepared coffee
  • 1/2 teaspoon organic vanilla extract (preferable Madagascar vanilla)
  • 1 small pinch fine sea salt, such as Real Salt
  • Organic unsweetened dark cocoa power for sifting, about 1/4 cup

Tip: Use the best quality organic ingredients you an afford. The best quality chocolate will produce the yummiest truffles.

vegan chocolate truffle ingredients

Recipe: Prepare a cup of coffee and reserve 1 1/2 tsp of the coffee (or save 1 1/2 tsp from your morning coffee.) Create a double-broiler with a small pot and glass bowl.* While you’re waiting for the water to boil, cut the chocolate into very small pieces using a sharp knife to help it melt easily. Once the water in the double-boiler is boiling, add the chocolate and stir often with a wooden spoon until it’s melted; this should take about 3 minutes. A double-boiler is recommended instead of a microwave to prevent overcooking the chocolate. (This process is called tempering and prevents the chocolate from seizing; the chocolate should remain shiny the entire time. If it starts to look dull or matte it’s overcooked.)

vegan chocolate truffles

Once the chocolate is almost all melted, add coconut oil and keep stirring until the mixture is well combine and smooth. Once smooth, remove the glass bowl to the counter and add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl. Stir well, another 2 minutes, until all ingredients are well combine and smooth. At this point, the mixture should be cool enough to taste – but be very careful not to burn yourself. Taste the mixture to check your flavorings.

Put the bowl in the refrigerator for about 1 hour (more if needed) until the chocolate is set. It will be firm but easily scoop-able – a.k.a. the texture of a truffle. If it becomes too firm, just set it out at room temperature for 10 minutes. Scoop teaspoon size balls from the mixture and set on a parchment-lined baking sheet. A melon baller works perfect for this, or use a teaspoon and your fingers to shape the balls for a more rustic look. Coconut oil melts on contact with your fingers so using your hands and fingers might get a little messy – just be sure to work quickly so the truffles don’t melt too much.

chocolate vegan truffles

Once all truffles are on the sheet, dust them all with the unsweetened cocoa powder using a sieve. Place the truffles back in the refrigerator at least 2 more hours to set and keep in the refrigerator until served. They will start to melt after about an hour at room temperature so it’s important to keep them in the refrigerator until ready to serve. They’ll keep in an airtight container in your refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

*Create a double-boiler by placing a tightly-fitting tempered glass bowl on top of a pot of  boiling water. The water should not touch the bowl; the steam from the water will heat the bowl and melt the chocolate. It’s important to use tempered glass to it doesn’t shatter.

Happy Birthday to Susan Abbot!


February 10, 2012

The 60 push-ups workout!

We are moving!

January 6, 2012

Big News…We are moving!

Although we have been very thankful and happy having Test Sports Clubs as our home, we believe
it is in OutdoorFit’s best interest to change the location of our program, with the
exception of the 6 AM, to Fair Haven Fields on Ridge Rd. as of January 30th.

In addition to the Fields being an ideal central location, the move will also allow us
to lower our prices which is always well received.

The 6 AM will continue to be at Test Sports Clubs and will be in great hands with
Keith, Adam and Dan.

 Join us over at Fair Haven Fields beginning on January 30th @ 9:00.

The Best,

Mary and Christa

Schedule and Fees

Mon. 9 AM

Wed. 9 AM

Fri. 9 AM

Sat. 9 AM

Drop in rate $20

Book of 5 classes $75 ($15 per class)

Book of 10 classes $125 ($12.50 per class)

Are you feeling a bit bloated…sugar overload?

December 30, 2011

 Did you enjoy your Holidays… yummy cookies, cocktails,  delicious dinners with wine? Are you ready to get back on track?
Do you find yourself unable to control your eating, especially when it comes to
sugar and refined carbohydrates?

Are you ready to let go of the bloated, puffy feeling that seems to
accompany you everywhere you go?

When the clock strikes 3:00pm do you find yourself in an afternoon haze,
unable to focus, get the energy to do anything, and wishing you could either
take a nap or stuff your face with sugar and caffeine (which you often
actually do?)

After dinner do you continue to open the refrigerator and pantry doors,
never feeling satisfied and continuing to eat until your head hits the
pillow at night?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, We can help you.

It’s time to RESET.

“Weight loss is entirely possible any time you make a resolution to lose
weight. Keeping your blood sugar stable and avoiding deprivation are absolutely
essential to success. There are many, many ways to do this. But as a physician,
I’ve rarely seen a program as easy and effective as RESET.” – Dr. Christiane

Make a resolution that sticks.

So many people make a decision to make a change at the beginning of the year.
Yet so many of us find ourselves going back to our old ways within a week or
two. This year we are going to help you make a resolution that sticks.

RESET is a clinically-proven, 5-day high-fiber cleanse that actually RESETs
metabolism and ELIMINATES your sugar/carb cravings as you:

* detox

* boost your mood

* increase your energy level

* balance your hormones

* improve your sleep

* increase clarity

* and release fat!

Doctors and health-care practitioners worldwide such
as women’s health pioneer, Christiane Northrup, M.D. and nutritional
medicine expert, Ray Strand, M.D, recommend RESET.

Release unwanted weight.

People who do the RESET program loose between 5 and 10 pounds during the
5-day, high-fiber cleanse. It’s a great way to lose excess
weight gained during the holidays or kick-start a larger weight loss goal. We
will hold your hand through implementing healthy lifestyle habits that result
in weight loss.

Get rid of your carb and sugar cravings.

RESET retrains your body using the principles of low-glycemic eating so that
you no longer crave sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Join us to ensure your success.

Studies show that when it comes to losing weight and creating lasting change in
our habits and lifestyle, partnering with even one other person increases your
chances of success dramatically. We are putting together a team of people who
want to get rid of their carb cravings and lose a few pounds (or more). We’d
love to have you on the team. If something deep inside you is saying YES [1]let
us know right now .Join our team today and make a commitment to making this
year’s resolution a lifetime resolution.

Keep it simple. Keep it easy.

RESET doesn’t require juicing, fasting, intricate food preparation, starving
yourself, being in the gym for hours at a time, or paying thousands of dollars.
It’s 5-days of low-glycemic meal and snack replacements, lots of water, and
fruits and vegetables. It comes in a box with everything you need to release
weight and eliminate your cravings successfully (just add water, fruits, and
vegetables.) It’s so simple you can’t screw it up. We promise.

Get the support you need.

We are getting a team of people together to do the RESET as a group with our
support. RESET and the principles of low-glycemic eating changed our
relationship with food forever. We believe in this program because it’s what
keeps us slim, healthy, and happy (along with OutdoorFit of course). We’ve also
guided many others through the program, helping them loose 5, 25, and even 45
pounds . Pat lost 14 pounds on the program!

Join The Team Today!

Here’s what you get:

·     RESET 5-day high-fiber cleanse (5-day supply of low glycemic meal and
snack replacements and Dr. Northrup’s favorite vitamins, a program guide, and a
workout DVD.

· We will coach you during the 5 day Reset. We will be available to answer any
questions and will create a personalized plan for getting rid of your carb
cravings and unwanted pounds.

·     Daily support emails with valuable tips, insights, and inspiration to
keep you steady on your course during the 5-day cleanse

·     Unlimited email access to us during the 5-day RESET to ensure that you’re
getting the customized support you need

OutdoorFit will be donating 10% to One World Women’s Health. We had a great workout a few weeks ago, raised over $700.00 and we want to keep the momentum going  for a Maternity ward in Sierra Leone. We are very blessed to have been born in this country and it is a great way for us to give back and detox at the same time.

5 Day Reset Program  $130.00
5 Day Reset with 2 weeks of OutdoorFit $199.00… A great jumpstart for 2012~

Charity Workout!

December 17, 2011

What a perfect morning at Fair Haven Fields! This morning was a charity workout for One World Women’s Health and we raised over $600.00 from the workout! Thank you OutdoorFitters for your support and everyone else that came. Thank you Fair Haven for your beautiful fields!


For those of you who couldn’t make it and would like to contribute.

Please send a check made out to

Africa Surgery Inc.   (OWWH on the memo line)
You can send them to me, Nina Seigelstein, 71 Little Silver Parkway, Little Silver, NJ 07739
Check out the short video!
The Perfect Day for a Relay Race!

Charity Workout on December 17th!

December 8, 2011

While I was at the dog park with my friend Jean Lee I met a woman named Nina Seigelstein and her dog Otis. Nina is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist and she also happens to be the doctor who delivered Jean’s children by way of cesarean section. She explained that if Jean Lee had lived in Sierra Leone, Africa, she would not have been able to have had a cesarean section as there is a complete lack of obstetrical care. Both Jean and her daughter would very well have died. I think of my son Thomas who was born with so many birth defects and how blessed we are to live in this country. He wouldn’t have survived in Sierra Leone Africa.  I feel very honored to have met Nina and OutdoorFit is happy to support her foundation.

Nina is working to prevent these sorts of needless deaths from childbirth by building a Maternity Ward in Sierra Leone. She has started a foundation called One World Women’s Health which is committed to improving women’s health care in Sierra Leone. In January 2012, she is once again traveling there with a medical team to perform gyn surgery and to educate the Sierra Leonean community about the importance of utilizing the Maternity Ward in order to save women’s and children’s lives.  Nina needs all the help she can get to make her hopes a reality and we at OutdoorFit would like to contribute.

We are holding a Charity workout on Saturday, December 17th at Fair Haven Fields @ 9AM.  The Fair Haven Department of Recreation is donating the use of the Fields free of charge and Christa and I are donating our time to instruct. The normal drop in rate of $20 will apply and ALL proceeds will go toward the cause of One World Women’s Health.  Come Saturday and we will have a great workout as always and your money will go to a great cause helping women.

First OutdoorFit workout? Please download the registration form and bring it with you along with a check to OutdoorFit.


We love our OutdoorFit family!

Mary & Christa

Tis’ the Sugar Season…

December 6, 2011

I am doing it differently this year. There has been so many years where I ended with a yeast infection in January because of all the sugar I ate in December. There are delicious healthy ways to avoid all of the sugar. This weekend Tom and I made hot Cocoa with almond milk, stevia, and unsweetened cocoa. It was perfectly delicious and guilt free.

Hot Cocoa!!!

Do a cookie search on the blog and you will find some great recipes for low-glycemic cookies that won’t spike your blood sugar.

Here is the recipe for our OutdoorFit Energy Cookie. I am going to try them again this year but I am going to reduce the amount of honey and use stevia instead.

Please send healthy treat recipes and I will post them on the blog!

It is so important to stay on good supplements all year-long but especially during the winter months. Antioxidants protects against  inflammation from all of those chocolate chip cookies.

Here’s to a Healthy Holiday Season!