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Eating with Intention

August 13, 2009

Eating with Intention.

Five WishesI was on a great call last night about eating with intention with Patricia Moreno. It was about honoring yourself and looking at what you really want for yourself and your body.

She talked a book by Gay Hendricks called The 5 Wishes. There is an exercise in the book where you imagine yourself on your death bed and you ask yourself.  Was my life a success? Patricia related this to your body.  Was your life a success in the area of your body? Then you answer no and from that you create a power statement or a goal for yourself.

Here are 2 of her examples:

  1. “my life was a total success because I learned how to make being happy a priority and I really learned to rid myself of my negative eating habits!”
  2. “my life was a success because I really was able to end my addiction to sugar which led to me losing ___lbs and finally believing in love!”
I love the first one! Somehow being raised Catholic I don’t quite believe that I deserve to be happy. I am working on this. When you are happy and love yourself,it is easier to make healthy food choices.
On to her Patricia’s homework assignment.
  1. Make a list of food or drinks that trigger negative feelings of guilt , shame and lack of control.
  2. Notice feelings of guilt and shame associated with eating. These feelings keep us disconnected from our power and our happiness. The next time you decide to eat that Oreo or the bowl of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream ,sit down and enjoy it and don’t allow feelings of guilt and shame to come in. The guilt and shame just creates a vicious cycle of eating more and I will do better tomorrow syndrome.
  3. Everyday make a personal promise to yourself…be true to your word. Start out with something simple. I am going to take my vitamins twice today. One promise ,keep it simple and make sure you keep that promise to yourself.
  4. At the end of the day acknowledge yourself for keeping your promise to yourself. Acknowledge yourself for doing something great that day. If you can share it with your spouse,friend or post a comment on the blog. “This is so important because the emotion you go to sleep with will be the emotion you wake up and start your next day with.” You will go to bed feeling great about yourself and wake up that way!
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