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October 25, 2009

Good Morning!
Every Sunday Thomas wants pancakes for breakfast. How many of us grew up with Sunday morning pancakes? I am making healthy pancakes because I don’t want to spike my blood sugar and start my day off craving more sugar. I am becoming a Certified Coach with Dr. Ray Strand and I need to journal my food intake every day for 30 days. I can’t write Aunt Jemima pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Thomas and I made multigrain pancakes with ground flax seeds,
topped with pecans,Greek yogurt,organic butter and a little bit of maple syrup. Now our pancake breakfast is acceptable in the Healthy For Life program. Thomas also had his strawberry shake.
We also had our supplements.
What did you have for breakfast?
Off to the Farmer’s Market …Local Shopping.

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  1. October 25, 2009 8:03 pm

    I AM IMPRESSES MARY!! I aspire to be like you.

    I know this sounds crazy but I can’t remember what I had for breakfast. I did have a few almonds, my supplements and I can’t remember what else but I know it wasn’t bad. I am getting old and thinking about too many things. I will have to pay more attention or maybe I will have to journal also, that way I will remember.

  2. Mary Kiningham permalink
    October 25, 2009 11:46 pm

    Don’t be impressed…Sunday has become our cheat day. I think it is suppose to be a cheat meal. Now, I have to write it down and send it to Dr. Strand. Not terrible but it did include a sugar cookie from the Lithuanian bakery, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a glass of wine. I walked 4 laps around the Monmouth U track so I can write down that I exercised. I am trying to give my legs a rest because I think I can go to the 6Am.

  3. November 6, 2009 3:19 am

    I’m going to try the pancake recipe!! Sounds delish!!

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