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November 29, 2009

Susan started our program in July and she wanted to lose weight and get back to the size she once. Susan is a runner (and she won her age group this fall at the Middletown Race!) probably because she is OUTDOORFIT:) She looked great to me and it didn’t seem like she had much weight to lose. I certainly understood. I asked her about her diet and she is a big lover of ice cream. She would skip lunch and have a bowl of ice cream in the afternoon. She also suffered from high cholesterol.
I told her about the 5 day Reset program and the importance of keeping your blood sugar balanced through out the day. She said she was in and she embraced the whole Healthy For Life program. She even eliminated her morning coffee. She now had an occasional cup of decaf.
We measured her last week and since July, Susan has lost 12 pounds,15 inches, and her body fat went from 26.4% (which is considered excellent for her age group) to 17.7% (which is considered excellent for a 19 year old). Go Susan! The best new is her cholesterol went from over 230 to 160!!
I asked Susan about her typical day now.
Here it is.
Breakfast: plain organic yogurt,fruit,stevia
10AM: nutrition bar
Lunch: more yogurt,fruit,kasha cereal,stevia or a nutrition shake
3PM apple with peanut butter
Dinner: A regular dinner, lots of fish, sweet potatoes, roasted veges. Susan loves the Low-Glycemic Meals in Minute Cookbook by Laura Kalina and Cheryl Christian.
She takes a high quality pharmaceutical grade supplement and fish oil twice a day.

Susan is an inspiration! It is possible to lose that middle age pudge. I know Susan loves OUTDOORFIT and is grateful to have her husband Bob in the program as well.
Keep it going Susan!

“Mary, Christa and Keith,

Thanks so much for an awesome 4 weeks of outdoor fit and nutrition support! Your can’t imagine the difference this has made in my life! I thought I was in pretty good shape for an old lady until I started this program! I love the classes and how I am feeling since first taking on this challenge. I am also thrilled that my husband, Bob, has now joined the group and we can work out together! He has really enjoyed it, too. Hopefully, we will be able to recruit a few more people to join the camp!
We will miss this week but hopefully may see you at a yoga class or two! Have a great week and again, thanks so much!

Susan Abbot

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