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Excellent anti-aging tools.

April 5, 2010

Did you take your supplement today after our intense workout? It is very important…an excellent anti-aging tool. Read on.

Great to be back.

Mary & Christa

In the journal Circulation, Ulrich Laufs, MD and his colleagues reported an association of long-term intense exercise with the reduction in shortening of telomeres that occurs with aging.  When he compared young and middle-aged athletes who had consistent, intense exercise with the normal population there was a significant difference in their cellular aging. In fact, he noted that physical exercise could actually prevent aging of the cardiovascular system.  He concluded that this was direct evidence of an anti-aging effect of consistent, long-term exercise.  However, I would add that it is critical that anyone who pursues a more aggressive exercise program must consume high quality nutritional supplements to protect against the increase free radical production that intense exercise can cause.

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