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A prowler bench run!

November 5, 2010

I have been in most of the week with a sick son. I have been cooking,cleaning and hibernating. Very relaxing on some levels. It felt great to get out last night for our Thursday evening OutdoorFit workout. I worked out once inside by myself this week. It is very hard to motivate and exercise by yourself. I am so grateful to all of my OutdoorFit buddies. I have gotten into great shape because of our fairly new found business. It is fabulous to have a job that creates health and fitness not only for others but also yourself.
Last night was a very challenging workout. We did 3 different intense 4 minute cardio segments.One segment was low-jacks. Amazing… early on our legs were starting to scream but we finished in high style. We also threw in some strength training in between the cardio. We always provide a balanced workout. Here is the wonderful crazy part. We finish the workout and we have 10 minutes to stretch and Pat says let’s do a prowler bench run. Off we go. It was the icing on the cake,the end of a perfect workout and my abs feel it this morning. So empowering.
We are OutdoorFit!

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  1. Pat Finaldi permalink
    November 7, 2010 10:16 am

    I love OutdoorFit! Thanks for endulging us Mary! You are the best and we couldn’t be happy and dancing throughout that Thursday night workout without you! That prowler bench is a killer…but so great at the same time!

    Thanks again.

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