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“Get through the kid-vitamin gauntlet”

November 30, 2011

This post is from my friend Maddy Vertenten. Check out her wonderful website,  I know some of our OutdoorFitters have a hard time getting their kids to take vitamins so I wanted to pass this along.  My son, Tom takes his vitamins everyday twice a day and tells me that it is Vitamin Time!

Get through the kid-vitamin gauntlet

Vibrant One
Vibrant Health Note ♪
Yes Virginia, you can convince your kids to take their vitamins. Here’s how:

  • Don’t give up too fast. It took me two weeks of consistent focus with my then 2 and 7 year-olds for these tricks to work.
  • Bribe them. Not with presents, but dessert perhaps, or a favorite story, or extra time awake before bed. Little bribes – not the same ones every night or they’ll take advantage of you.
  • Take your vitamins, visibly.
  • Tell them why it’s so important. Talk about the toxins in our environment and the diminishing nutritional value in food. Tell them that their cells need fuel. Kids really dig health, and with just a little effort you can totally get them on the bandwagon. Which is a huge plus, by the way – because they will keep you there too!
  • Sticker charts work for everything.
  • Appreciation is rare and priceless – praise them as they gulp and shudder, no matter how long the cajoling took.

Seriously, 2 weeks is all it took with my kids – and now they love spinach, kale, even the occasional cup of green juice. And they know which vitamins are theirs, get them ready every morning and night, and are tuned-in to their bodies. Totally worth the bribes.


P.S. Quality is key – don’t waste your efforts on a gummy or a cartoon character.

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