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OutdoorFit 14 Day JumpStart!

A Message from Mary & Christa.
We are so excited you are considering the 14 Day OutdoorFit Jumpstart. Our Philosophy is based on our own personal experience. We have a nutritious eating plan that will naturally slim you down. It will also help eliminate those carbohydrate cravings. We combine a healthy balanced eating plan, OutdoorFit workouts and proper supplementation.
We developed the program out of our own intentions to look and feel great! We have always loved exercising especially outdoors but as we age we realized we needed to do more. We didn’t want to buy into the notion that turning 45 or becoming menopausal was the beginning of the end. Our intention is to have strong healthy bodies and immune systems. By taking care of ourselves, we have increased energy and glowing skin! Our program is based on a healthy satisfying lifestyle that you can maintain.
We have combined the 5 day Reset program…details below along with 14 days of OutdoorFit to jumpstart your OutdoorFit Lifestyle. (It takes approximately 2 weeks to start to feel the benefits of our OutdoorFit exercise program.)
Are you ready for an OutdoorFit Challenge? We encourage you to join the program!


The 5-Day RESET is the ideal jumpstart to healthy living and achieving your ideal weight. It restores your body’s balance and reduces inflammation. It gets you off the high glycemic roller coaster by stabilizing your blood sugar and eliminating your cravings for unhealthy foods. Best of all, the typical weight loss during the RESET is 4-5 pounds!

Your 5-Day RESET kit comes with everything you need, including:

Low-glycemic meal-replacement shakes and nutrition bars for 5 days. These foods contain a balanced array of high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber that give you all the nourishment you need and do not spike your blood sugar. And they taste good, too!
A 5-day supply of our recommended, pharmaceutical grade nutritionals in convenient AM & PM packets. These daily supplements provide you with optimal levels of the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants your cells need to maintain your health and energy.
A DVD that explains the RESET program and provides additional information on the health benefits of a low-glycemic lifestyle. It also includes a simple, 30-minute exercise video hosted by two U.S. Olympic athletes.
A handy written guide for your first five days, plus directions for continuing a safe and healthy weight loss program.

How the program works:

Each day for 5 days you drink 3 shakes at mealtime, eat a nutrition bar for both your morning and afternoon snacks, plus one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables anytime during the day. While on the RESET, you also drink eight to ten glasses of water and exercise moderately for 20-30 minutes per day.

Those who want to lose weight may lose as much as 4-5 pounds on the RESET, and the fat comes off the waist first. But the most important result of the RESET is that it puts the body in a healthy state so that it is easier to make healthy food choices.
Phase I & Phase II:

To help you keep up the momentum you’ve built with the 5-Day RESET, two simple phases have been designed to help make your healthy new habits a way of life:

Phase 1 – Transformation & Weight Loss is perfect if you have additional weight to lose. Continue using the meal-replacement shakes and bars for two meals and one snack per day, and eat one low-glycemic meal and snack as well. Once you reach your ideal weight, Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2 – The Healthy For Life Maintenance Program will help you stay lean with one meal-replacement shake and one bar per day. It’s simple and it works.
7 Great Reasons to RESET with us!

Lose 4-5lbs* in 5 Days! And 8-10 by the end of the 4th week.
Finally lose cravings for sweets and refined carbohydrates.
Sleep like a baby while your body healthfully detoxes.
Don’t wait to get healthy – do it now – do something different than you’ve always done. Feel GREAT in your clothes.
Increase your energy and support your immune system
Save money on your grocery/food bills with our healthy and inexpensive Meal Replacement Shakes and Snack Bars.
Learn from Wellness and Fitness Experts Mary Kiningham and Christa Lippert, everything from nutrition to fitness, stress reduction to overcoming emotional eating, increasing your energy naturally and making your health a priority, a lifestyle and FUN!

We have found it takes 2 weeks for our exercise program to start kicking in. The first 2 weeks are a challenge for most and then you will begin to feel strong and empowered. Give yourself the gift of fitness that you never thought possible…at any age.

*RESET results vary depending on weight and metabolism. Typical weight loss during the RESET is 4-5 lbs.

Do you want to read more? See how Pat lost 14 pounds!
Email us at to sign up or for more information. Or Call Mary at 732.758.6340

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  1. Susan Abbot permalink
    September 15, 2011 6:30 pm

    You know that I know it works! I am getting back on track and feeling better already on Day 4 of reset! Thanks!!



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